Aurora Hammond

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About Aurora

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Aurora Hammond
Aurora Hammond is a mental health social worker, psychotherapist and energetic theta healer. She is also a gifted teacher, workshop presenter and facilitator of personal growth.

Aurora’s approach to counselling and psychotherapy could be described as unique. She works successfully with clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, family of origin issues and addictions.

After over 35 years of working as a social worker, counselor, university lecturer and psychotherapist Aurora is passionate about using new discoveries in neuroplasticity, mindfulness practices and even quantum physics in her current work.

She believes it is an exciting era in which to be involved in using the newest research and leading edge thinking alongside the wisdom of the ages. New research shows that ongoing specific therapeutic intervention can produce changes in the brain equivalent to brain surgery! Changing the brain changes peoples lives! When we learn that our challenging feelings and behaviours result from the way our brain has been formed and that it can be changed, feelings of blame and shame that can cripple our lives can be resolved.
“Changing the brain changes peoples

Aurora graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Social Work in 1975 and was one of the first community mental health social workers in the country. She studied many therapeutic modalities in the UK and then completed a Masters Degree in Holistic Psychology in the US in 1984 at Antioch  University.

She has been a lecturer in Social Work at the University of Tasmania and the University of NSW and founded and ran her own College of Holistic Counselling in Sydney for over 15 years.

Aurora is the author of the book Good Grief, Healing the Broken Heart and the Pool Meditation CD.

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Now working in private practice as a Medicare registered mental health social worker Aurora describes her way of working as holistic counselling and psychotherapy.  With a mental health plan from your GP, a rebate of $70 is available for 10 sessions per calendar year.


Aurora is a Facilitator at the Quest for Life Foundation ( in Bundanoon where she facilitates the 5 day Healing Your Life Program. She also runs other workshops and groups throughout the year.

Life Transformed Coach

In March this year 2016, Aurora became a Life Transformed Coach with Rikka Zimmerman ( In this new phase of her work she is combining her years of expertise and exploration of consciousness to work in new ways with clients. For more information and to book a session go to Transformational Healing page.

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